Sunday, October 15, 2006


I have decided to do a triptych on the body, specifically mine. This first part, deals with my experiences with bulimia. In my experience, representations of eating disorders are poorly constructed and oversimplifications of these diseases, thus I submit my interpretation to you. It does not make me uncomfortable to let people know, but I understand if it makes you uncomfortable to know. If so, I am sorry. And, if it is not already apparent, I want to make this very clear: I am not doing this to glean pity, so please don't tell me you're sorry or give me sympathetic comments. For the love of god, do not tell me that I am "brave". Judge this as you would any other art object.

PS: I was planning to do this before I saw Matt's piece. I swear. Another unintentional mime.

Click here to play. Thanks to Mika Kibburz for her camera.

I watched that piece several times to get it all. Very rich, full. Rockin'.
I found it hard to know which person to focus on, and then she would leave me. but I liked it because there was another you to pick me back up and continue the thought.
that was a very smart use of a a very simple, but overlooked - or often misused - effect.

good job.

Chris Weagel
There were a few moments when I thought there was just one image, but then another kind of slowly crept out. Those really got me.

And the story is never just true in one way. The many faces really bring that out, the fact that no one thing is true, no one way of looking at anything is the only way to see it.
I think this is your best video so far. At first I didn't know what was going on, but then I suddenly found myself engrossed in it.

This really is the best representation of bulimia that I've ever seen. Fuck those stupid commercials. They don't know. This is personal, raw, informative, and wonderful. Thank you.
Hey violet, really nice job. The timing is great, if you didn' seems like you did- put a lot of thought into the timing. But, who is that other girl in there with you? have i forgotten that you had a twin? Hey, do you ever wake up and think you are her?
I liked how it seemed that even though there were competing image and sound tracks, they were nearly always talking about the same things, or close enough to the same thing that one idea was albe to be carried by both/all of the things going on.
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