Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I got fixed! Watch it here. Special guest appearance by Docteur GĂ©nessier.

(Note: in honor of Halloween, candy, and the deluge of Christmas items now avaliable at fine local retailers, this is not part of the body triptych.)

i think of the leg wound too!
I like when you slap him. And at the end, you're all better!
really interesting, very ambiguous and I like the black and white vibe!
I like the black and white. I also like it when you slap his hands. For a second, I thought that shoe was one from the exact same pair that I have.
Docteur did a bang-up job! your production values are showing. I enjoyed letting this one wash over me in a blank state. Maybe because of your cue about xmas items and halloween candy, I assumed there wasn't any deeper meaning to this, which was a pleasant and satisfying way to understand it.
you seem to degenerate in intellect, but improve on your ambiguous depressive condition. I knew it would be good for you to stop thinking so much. Its probably not what you intended. Im glad you are all better violet.
trying to figure out how you were able to get some of the longer takes without laughing. not that it can't be a serious piece, but there was some humor in there. interesting piece, and I liked the choice of props - especially the pipe.
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