Monday, October 23, 2006

theseus's ship

"Behind the message of self-improvement is, of course, the message that you should be anxious about what you do not have yet and who you should be."

The second part of the body triptych. Click here to watch a magical blend of infomerical, watered-down theory, and a Morrisey-tastic non-sequitur. Special thanks to Brock Muench, Sam Caster, and Tim Hau.

Music: Morrissey, "You Have Killed Me".

Text adapted from Practices of Looking, "The Manufacturing of Desire" by Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright.

I like where you triptych is going, you have some very interesting things to say, and I am in agreance.
You really captured the informerical feel with the "I'm slowly losing my mind" type excitement. And the fact that theres actualy being said on top of that just adds to he enjoyment.

Also, how dare you make me put my values in perspective. Jeeze.
whoaaff! way to start off super sarcastic, but then twist things up and actually start speaking your mind through crazy infomercial hammed-up voice. that was cool. the format of the vlog makes it possible for us to review what you actually said in your "subliminal messages," while allowing them to maintain their identity as subliminal messages. rock.
Me gusta violeta. infomercial encapsulation was to the T, yet obviously a mockery of that mode as well as certain societal ideals. you are so harsh, don't you ever get tired of thinking so much? And the dance video was nothing short of enjoyable as well.
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