Tuesday, October 10, 2006

true story

Click here to play video.

For one R. Standfest. The softer side of Lucca.

And for whatever it's worth, advice.

Did the clock turn backwards somehow? Maybe not. This is so nice, after some things that were more, you know, loud. Nice is good because nice creates gentleness, and this is nice. You get the idea.
it all comes together in the end, in a touching way.
For all that forewarning of sardonic content, you're makin some honest-ass posts. I like it. What did you shoot this on? There's a fuzz over stuff, but it looks better than choco-video.
I did this shit modes style: sony 1-chip, edited and exported to quicktime on final cut 2. I wanted a grey fuzziness, so it worked out.
It did work. i don't believe it though. There must have been a creep filming you.
I found this way too creepy. There's something about that very intimate and personal space that is a bed in the way it's depicted here which is in stark contrast to Shawn's post with him in bed. I almost felt like it wouldn't be as bad(uncomfortable for me) as if I saw the person that you were addressing. Instead I felt like I was watching something that was meant to be addressed to a lover in a very soulful, meaningful, and beautiful way.
Why is that bad? That's what I was going for.
good timing.

Chris Weagel
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