Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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I went to the rally this past Sunday, then had an informal chat with my poli-sci pal, future auditor and current patriot, Wes Blancheflower. Even though the even was really supposed to be about Chet Culver's run for governor, pretty much everyone was there for Barack Obama. A political superstar, there has been a lot of discussion of whether or not he will run for president. (He's recently said no, but I don't believe it...) After seeing him talk, I am really confident that if he were to run, he would be the person that gets the democrats back on track. Later this week I'll post some more stuff, specifically the entirety of his speech along with my run-ins with the MSM. This video is kind of a tease, but that's how it really was.

Also, because I shot over two hours of footage Sunday night and have school and work to attend, this isn't as polished as I would like it to be. (To boot, some files got deleted...I'm sure as part of some sort of conservative/MSM plot...) The sound is pretty bad, so I advise headphones. At any rate, enjoy what Mr. Blancheflower says, 'cause it's pretty awesome and funny. Maybe he should dare to have the audacity of hope and run for office. Your thoughts?

I like this video. The footage of the rally and the voiceover by you and your political guest. Very admirable.
Nice stuff, I look forward to the whole thing, since I was locked behind a glass wall fifty feet away, and couldn't see the actual rally. Did see everyone clamoring on the jungle gym to see though, which was awesome. I like your self-conscious statement about this being "citizen journalism." Audio of the rally coulda been a li'l lower, I think.
I saw the workers taking down that stage...it was like 11:00 P.M. and they were all smoking ciggarettes. How's that for constructive criticism.
I felt something of a struggle going on between the audio in the background and the video and corresponding really low audio from the rally. it looked like interesting stuff, but both were there to listen to, which sort of gave me the choice. the only thing was the background audio was a little low. I'm not sure if this was intentional so we could hear the rally more, or not, though. Good footage and interesting idea.
I finally am watching this and am kind of whoa'd out at the fact that we covered the same night. I really liked the sound, difficult as it was to make everything out - which is to say I really really liked the idea of the sound, the two strains of thought going at the same time, but none of it particularly yours. That was awesome. Also, wow! Your footage of the rally looks so good! Mine was all horribly jumbly like what I put on my blog. Horribly jumbly.
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