Monday, November 13, 2006



The final part of the triptych. Click here to view.

Special poignance? I have to take the GRE tomorrow.

Self loathing? At all time high.

Special thanks? To P. Reed.

PS: titlecards are supposed to be too fast.

NSFW, haha. I dug it.

I must admit, i cheated and paused to read the text sometimes.
The text went by way too quickly during the first part.

But mostly, wow. This was so alarming and believable for the most part that it... It was a good statement, is what it was. Excellent.
I am finding it hard to write anything, seriously. I guess I should say I started to really enjoy the sound of silence you created, during the text parts.
I wish i knew what NSFW meant. Powerful piece, I want to make some jokes, but this really isn't the post to do it on. Seriously, moving. Bye.
This made me cry. I know too many women like that and it hit way too close to home. Great Post. One of your best
really good, really visceral, really believable...though not sure if you died or just passed out there, or a bit of both. I shouldn't have read the special thanks before watching it, but patrick's and your acting was amazing enough to pull me into it anyway. my face got hot.
The one thumb on the windpipe was a good image, really felt it.

What did you do with that sense of power in high school in respect to other girls?

Chris Weagel
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